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Translation Services and Language Resources

We offer translation services in many languages. However, our translators are not always available, so please call us for an estimate.

In the meantime, we hope you find the following free translation tools helpful. The first is from Google translations and the second from AltaVista translations Babel Fish. Google offers a feature which allows you to perform a search for web pages written in a particular language.

Both offer simple translation services, to or from English, or a variety of other languages. Both will translate single words, phrases, or entire web pages. Google includes options for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. In addition to these, AltaVista's Babel Fish also offers services for Dutch and Greek.

The translations they produce are very basic and not always accurate. Individual words are usually very good. But, you may find the syntax of longer phrases to be a little strange. However, they usually provide you with sufficient understanding of phrases or WebPages.

We have used these for letter writing, and our translators say they are at a mid-elementary schoool grade level. Keep your words simple and your sentence structure short and uncomplicated, and you'll find they work fine.

Below that you will find other translation resources and online dictionaries.

Google Language Tools

Letter Writing Guides
from the Family History Library

Babel Fish Translation   Babel Fish Translation Services Help

Translate a block of text


Translate a Web page           


On-line Translation Dictionaries

Albanian - English Dictionary Arabic - English Dictionary

Basque - English Dictionary Belarusian - English Dictionary

Bulgarian - English Dictionary Catalan - English Encyclopedia

Czech - English Dictionary Chinese - English Dictionary

Danish - English Dictionary Dutch - English Dictionary

Estonian - English Dictionary Finnish - English Dictionary

French - English Dictionary Gaelic Language Dictionaries

German - English Dictionary German - Mennonite Low German Dictionary

Greek - English Dictionary Hebrew Dictionaries download

Hindi - English Dictionary Hungarian - English Dictionary

Icelandic - English Dictionary Indonesian - English Dictionary

Irish - English Dictionary Italian - English Dictionary

Latvian - English Dictionary Martin's Norwegian Genealogy Dictionary

Polish - English Dictionary Portuguese - English Dictionary

Romanian - English Dictionary Russian - English Dictionary

Sanskrit - English Dictionary Sardinian - English Dictionary

Serbian - English Dictionary Scottish Glossary of Terms

Slovak - English Dictionary Swedish - English Dictionary

Ukrainian - English Dictionary Systran Language Translation Technologies

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