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Vital Recordsof the World

Use this page when searching for international vital records. Some are subscription sites, others are free. Do it yourself, or have us conduct a search for you by calling or submitting a request for a Free Estimate . If you find any invalid links, please let us know.



Search BMD Records

Canadian Records

England & Wales, Free BMD Birth Index: 1837-1983 England & Wales Free Birth-Marriage-Death

England & Wales, Birth Index: 1984-2005  birth records

England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1984-2005 marriage records

England & Wales, Death Index: 1984-2005 death records

English Parish Records

Cheshire, England Births, Marriages, & Deaths

Vesoul France Marriages Vesoul France Marriages

Courchaton, France Church Records, 1670-1852 France Church Records, 1670-1852

German Records

Irish Records Extraction Database Irish Records Extraction Databasecontains records of births, marriages, deaths, burials, cemeteries, wills, immigration, census, and more from Ireland and Northern Ireland, 1600 to as late as 1874.

Italian Records

Italian Genealogical Records Italian recordsResource Reference

Italian Form Letters (Request for Records)

Mexican Parish Records, 1751-1880 Mexico Parish records

National Archives of Norway

Palermo Italy, Index of Birth Records: 1876-85 Palermo Italy Birth Records Archivio dei certificati di nascita di Palermo (Italia): 1876-85 Parti 1-3 in Italian language

Poland Rzeszów Vital Records 1777-1936

Scottish Official Records Office  

Swedish Church Records - Swedish Church records from 16th-20th century Sweden

Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled UK recordsThe county families of the United Kingdom, or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland

Peerage of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Volumes I-IV Peerage of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Volumes I-IV

United Kingdom, Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Fifth Report United Kingdom, Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Fifth Report

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