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[s1] Memorial Program, Oct. 4, 1993. Crosby Burked Swanson Golden Funeral Chapel, Omaha , Nebraska . Internment followed at Hillcrest Memorial Park .

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[s324] James S. Ray, email: (jray1116@hcis.net)

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[s398] DAR #513313 (Charlie Russell Buehler); DAR #371566 (Janet Rose Sumpter; Ida Russell McKinnon; Molly Kirk Stacy); and
sworn affidavit by late George Russell, Pennington Gap, VA, on file in DAR Archives, Washington, D.C., under Mary Ceil Estes.

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[s479] Beau Robertson-to Carter Wilson. 2 May 2004 e-mail address. ( Boise, ID).

[s482] Pedigree Resource File, familysearch.org internet genealogy service, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT.


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