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[S2] Ella Hicks Johnson, A Family Memorial, Ella Hicks Johnson. (Louisville, Ky., 1894, (Geo. G. Fetter Printing Co.) As annotated by hand by Martha Moreland Johnson).

[S3] Walter H Millard - Katie LaRee Millard Family Group Sheet, February 1936 Allie Millard, Family Research Library, Boise, ID. Entry ID: documentation accepted for DAR application.

[S5] Testator Thomas Colson (also spelled Colston), First written 1804, filed 2/20/1849, County Clerk's Office.

[S6] Capt. William Bradford, Passenger's of the Mayflower (Bradford Historical Collections).

[S8] Obituary of Mary Dudley Hicks, unknown clipping, Owensboro, KY (September, 1867).

[S65] George E. Bowman, Plymouth Colony Records.

[S94] Henry Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts, Boston Massachusetts, 1900.

[S119] Social Security Administration, Social Security Benefit Death Index.

[S205] William T. Davis, Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families, originally published as Part II of Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth. (Boston 1899).

[S206] Last Will and Testament, County Clerk.

[S211] Carter L. Wilson III, "Personal Deposition," Carter L. Wilson III, Personal Deposition (October 22, 1997).

[S216] VA Spotsylvania Co.; page 25, Will Recording, 1769.

[S218] Robert Peter and edited by William H. Perrin, The History of Fayette Co., Kentucky (O. L. Baskin Co., Chicago, 1882; Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1979).

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[S237] Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Plymouth Colony - Its History & People 1620-1691 (Ancestry Publishing Co.).

[S238] Betty Ann Wilson Carter L. Wilson III. 100 N. Florence Ave.
Litchfield Park AZ. (1997).

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[S254] Carter L. Wilson Jr., Birth Certificate 65314, Jan. 3, 1916, State Board of Health.

[S259] Walter H Millard, Obituary, Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky. (April 24, 1993).

[S260] Helen Jean Millard, 100 Florence Av, Litchfield Park, AZ, Carter L Wilson III, Apr. 1, 1998 In possession of Gail Lynn Buehler Wilson at 5558 W Harborcove Ln, Boise, ID (1998).

[S264] Memoranda of Gen. R. W. Johnson, 1892 and family papers of Ella Hicks Johnson, Ms, Johnson Papers, Family Research Library.

[S266] Thomas S Erwin, Clay and Erwin Families: An Addendum to the Clay Family (Filson Club Publications, No. 14, Vol III (1928-29), 113-116; Baltimore Genealogy Publishing Co., Inc. (1981), 438-40; Reproduced by Broderbund Software Family Archive CD #185; Family History: Genealogy of Kentucky Families, 1700s-1800s, Vol. III).

[S267] Charles F Cochran, Early Generations of the Newton Family of Westmoreland Co., Va. (Vol. XXXVI (1928) and Vol. XXXVII (1929); Family Tree Maker Vol. IV, Broderbund Software Family Archive).

[S270] Jr. Carter L. Wilson, Death Certificate 21229, January 3, 1996, Department of Health Services.

[S276] Pension Record, [SO7673:Record and Pension Office, War Department; Old War and Navy Files, 300a (Extract of Records), including letters of J. M. Johnson (Aug. 7, 1893, to Hon. Asher G. Caruth); Col. Armsworth, Record and Pension Office (Aug. 10, 1893 to Hon. Asher G. Caruth), and handwritten replies from Asher G. Caruth (August 9, 1893 and Aug. 14, 1893), August 12, 1893:SO].

[S289] Buehler Family Genealogy Family Group Sheet, April 5, 1982 Lee Schelly, Rt. 4 Box 250, Moses Lake, WA.

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[S330] Olive Frank Adams, Cemetery Plot Records; Sec. 30. Lot 127, Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.; Boise ID (2000) copy: Wilson Family Library.

[S341] Robert D. McManaway., Census Daviess Co., 1860 Ky. (copy: Filson Club, 929.4769D257m1860).

[S342] Sr. Carter L Wilson, Certificate of Death 60-20448, 12 Sep 1960, Division of Vital Statistics.

[S343] Martha Johnson Wilson, Certificate of Death 84-028343, 14 Sep 1984, Division of Vital Statistics.

[S348] Obituary and Death Notice, The Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky. (27 June 1966).

[S349] Obituary and Death Notice, The Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky. (3 Dec 1985).

[S364] Tombstone Photo Index, Elmwood Cemetery Records, Owensboro, KY; May 2001 Carter L. Wilson III.

[S366] James Moreland Johnson, Certificate of Death 3978-586, Feb.12, 1934, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

[S367] Ella Hicks Johnson, Certificate of Death 50-10285, June 12, 1950, Tennessee State Archives, Vital Records.

[S370] Social Security Administration; SS-5, Application for Social Security Number, April 12, 1951.

[S371] Social Security Administration; SS-5, Application for Social Security Number, Dec.4, 1936.

[S372] Social Security Administration; SS-5, Application for Social Security Number, Mar. 13, 1937.

[S373] Walter H. Millard, Report of Birth 11529, Dec. 4, 1941, Division of Vital Statistics.

[S374] Social Security Administration; SS-5, Application for Social Security Number, Nov. 25, 1936.

[S380] Howard Russell Beuhler*, Certificate of Birth 70-81989, July 9, 1929*, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

[S386] Original Wedding Invitation in possession of Wilson Family Library, Boise ID. [1997]

[S413] Obituary, Howard R. Buehler, The Spokesman Review, Spokane, Washington (July 24, 2003, p. C9).

[S421] Allie M. Millard, "Descendants of James B. Allen," Millard Family Collection (1931).

[S427] 1900 U. S. Census, Sumter Co., SC, T623_1543, p.26: ED. #132, image 0865. [ancestry.com]

[S433] Jean Millard, Obituary, A26, West Valley View, Litchfield Park, Ariz. (Mar. 14, 2001).

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