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We utilize various record resources in Canadian research. These include the National Library and National Archives of Canada and the various Provincial Archives. These are just a few of the resources we have available to us. Ask for an estimate now!

• 1881 Canadian Census documents approximately 4.3 million individuals. Information includes: name, age, gender, location at the time of the census, birthplace, ethnic origin, occupation, religious affiliation, marital status, and notations. The census records enumerate individuals, grouped within households and institutions, for the Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, and for the Northwest Territories. (The Northwest Territories in 1881 contained the current Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and parts of historical Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario, plus the Territory of Yukon and the western part of the Territory of Nunavut.) 1881 Canadian Census Transcription Search

• 1901 Canadian Census offers a rich source of information about Canada and Canadians at the turn of the 20th Century. The original census returns record age, nationality, religion, profession, income, education, etc., for every single resident of Canada on 31 March 1901.

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Canadian Citizenship and Immigration

All Canadian Records on Ancestry Canadian records

Canadian Genealogy Centre

Canada's Genealogical Research Library $$

Canada's Local History Books Online More than 175,000 digital pages

Alberta Province Records on Ancestry alberta

British Columbia Records british columbia records

British Columbia, Canada Vital Records 

Chāteauguay, Quebec, Canada Church Registers

Canadian & Provincial Archives

Canadian Land Records

Canadian Obituary Collection Canada Obits

Canadian Genealogical Links

Quebec Vital Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 vital reacords
Long considered the best genealogical resource for French-Canadian family history records. The collection includes all vital records from Quebec from 1621 to the 1940s, as well as a compilation of church records from Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and various New England states in America. With approximately 37 million names . . .

Gateway to Franco-American and French-Canadian Genealogy

1851 Census 1851 census

1861 Census of Canada Since Canada didn’t officially become a country until 1867, the first national census wasn’t held until 1871. The 1861 Census of Canada is a collection of five provincial censuses. Censuses were taken throughout different times of the year in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Canada East (Lower Canada, or roughly southern Quebec), and Canada West (Upper Canada, or roughly southern Ontario). Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island only recorded the names of the heads of households, while New Brunswick, Canada East and Canada West recorded the names of everyone in the household.

1871 Census of Canada  This database is an every name index to individuals enumerated in the 1871 Canada Census, the first census of Canada since confederation in 1867. National censuses have been taken every 10 years since 1871 and every five years since 1971. The 1871 census includes the four original provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario.

1881 Census of Canada  This database is an every name index to individuals enumerated in the 1881 Canada Census, the second census of Canada since confederation in 1867. In addition, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to actual images of the 1881 Census (images are of Library and Archives Canada microfilm reels C-13162 to C-13286).

1901 Census of Canada Census

1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta 1906 census

Search 1911 Canada Census 1911 census

Retired Allowances in the Civil Service of Canada: 1883 Canada Civil Service

Manitoba Province Records Manitoba

New Brunswick Vital Records

Newfoundland & Labrador Province Records Newfoundland & Labrador Province Records

Northwest Territories Province Records Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia Province Records Nova Scotia Province Records

Nunavut Province Records Nunavut Province Records

Ontario Province Records Ontario Province Records

Ontario, Canada: Civil Marriage Registrations, 1869-73 Ontario Marriages

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1907 Ontario births

Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1934 Ontario deaths

Prince Edward Island Province Records Prince Edward Island Province Records

Quebec Province Records Quebec Province Records

Saskatchewan Province Records Saskatchewan Province Records

Yukon Province Records Yukon Province Records

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