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Idaho Cemetery listings for Madison, Minidoka, Nez Perce, Oneida, Owyhee, Payette and Power Counties

Information from the Idaho State Historical Society
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Madison County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Archer and Lyman Cemeteries Archer
Burton Cemetery about 3.5 miles SW of Rexburg
Ora Cemetery Ora
Plano Cemetery Plano
Rexburg Cemetery Rexburg
Sugar City Cemetery Sugar City
Sutton Cemetery Archer

Minidoka County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Adelaide Congregational Cemetery 2 miles W of Adelaide (only are 3 markers still visible)
Jackson Cemetery N of Rupert
Minidoka - Acequia- Rupert Cemetery (MAR Cemetery) 5 miles N of Rupert (moved to present location in 1911)
Minidoka Cemetery (obliterated site - now used as a stock corral) East side of Minidoka on a knoll
Paul Cemetery 2 miles N of Paul
Riverside Cemetery Heyburn
Rosehill Cemetery (obliterated site) few miles NW of Minidoka
Trinity Lutheran Church graveyard (obliterated site) 14 miles N of Rupert, .5 miles SE of Adelaide siding

Nez Perce County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Angel Ridge Cemetery
Bertha Newby grave Lewiston Hill, N of Lewiston
Bredell Family burial ground near Spalding
Broncheau burial ground behind Post Office in Spalding
Cameron Cemetery 5 miles SE of Kendrick T38N, R2W, Sec 27
Coyote Grade Cemetery about 9 miles E of Lewiston
Craig Cemetery (Jacques Spur Cemetery) Culdesac
Culdesac Cemetery Culdesac
Gifford Cemetery just N of Gifford
Good Hope Lutheran Church Cemetery about 2.5 miles S of Gifford
Grant Family Cemetery about 1 mile N of Lapwai
Indian burial ground 2 miles W of Spalding
John Silcott burial plot NW of Lewiston T36N, R6W, Sec 25
Kendrick City Cemetery about 1.3 miles SE of Kendrick T38N, R3W, Sec 25
Lapwai Cemetery Lapwai
Leland Cemetery Leland
Lewis - Clark Memorial Gardens 3521 7th St., Lewiston
Lewiston Cemetery Lewiston
Lookout Cemetery Lookout
Maggie Williams Family Cemetery about 7 miles SE of Genesee, Tombstone Ranch
Magpie (Myrtle or Glasby) Cemetery about 3 miles SE of Myrtle T36N, R3W, Sec 11
Melrose Cemetery Melrose
Missouri Synod Church Cemetery 4 miles SE of Gifford T35N, R1W, Sec 6
Nez Perce Methodist Episcopal Church Lapwai
Normal Hill Cemetery Lewiston
Old Peck Cemetery
Red Elk Cemetery near Webb, SE of Lewiston
Sams Family burial ground near Agatha School site, W of Lenore
Slickpoo Cemetery St. Joseph Mission
Southwick Cemetery (Pine Hill Cemetery) Southwick T38N, R1W, Sec 32
Spalding Cemetery Spalding
Spalding Family burial ground near Agatha School site, W of Lenore
Spalding Indian Cemetery Spalding
Sunnyside Cemetery (Lenore Cemetery) E of Lenore T37N, R1W, Sec 32
Sweetwater Cemetery Sweetwater
Upper Tammany Cemetery 2 miles S of Lewiston T34N, R4W, Sec 7
Vaughn Grade Cemetery about 4 miles N of Lenore T37N, R2W, Sec 24
Webb Indian Cemetery Webb

Oneida County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Black Pine Cemetery Black Pine
Juniper Cemetery Juniper
Malad Cemetery Malad City

Owyhee County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Bruneau Cemetery Bruneau
Chinese burial ground Silver City
Delamar Cemetery DeLamar townsite
Fairview Cemetery Fairview townsite E of Silver City
Flint Cemetery Flint townsite
Grandview Cemetery Grandview
Graveyard Point burial ground about 3.5 miles SW of Homedale T3N, R6W, Sec 23
Little Valley burial ground Little Valley
Marsing - Homedale Cemetery between Marsing and Homedale
Mud Flat Weigh Station Cemetery 10 miles from Grandview on Poison Ck along Mud Flat Rd
Nit Creek Cemetery near Bruneau on Nit Creek
Old Knighton Farm Cemetery Bruneau
Oreana Cemetery Oreana
Reynolds Cemetery Reynolds Creek
Rockville Cemetery
Ruby City Cemetery Ruby townsite about 1 mile N of Silver City
Silver City Citizen's Cemetery (Left) Silver City
Silver City Knights of Pythias Cemetery (left) Silver City
Silver City Masonic & Odd Fellows Cemetery (Right) Silver City
Silver City Pioneer Cemetery N.E. Silver City
Succor (Sucker) Creek Cemetery Succor Creek
Wagontown Catholic Cemetery 1 mile up Jordan Creek and .5 miles NE of creek bottom
Wilson Cemetery 4 miles S of Givens Hot Springs on Hwy 78

Payette County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Applegate Cemetery (Kennedy Cemetery) about 2 miles E of New Plymouth
Park View Cemetery New Plymouth on Hwy 30
Riverside Cemetery Payette
Rosedale Memorial Cemetery 2 miles NE of Payette
Stuart Cemetery (Hamilton Corner, Falk Cemetery) between Letha and New Plymouth
Washoe Cemetery Washoe, about 5 miles SW of Payette

Power County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Arbon Valley Cemetery Arbon Valley
Fairview Cemetery Rockland
Falls View Cemetery American Falls, W of Hwy 30
Neeley Cemetery Neely on Hwy 30
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