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Idaho Cemetery listings for Jefferson, Jerome, Latah, Lemhi, Lewis, and Lincoln Counties

Information from the Idaho State Historical Society
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Jefferson County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Adams Cemetery near Roberts
Annis Cemetery (Little Butte Cemetery) Annis
Earl D. Jones grave 4 m N of Roberts
Grant Cemetery on Lewisville Hwy 5.5 m N of Idaho Falls
Jones Family Cemetery 2 m N of Roberts
Lewisville Cemetery Lewisville
Market Lake Cemetery (Patrie Cemetery) Roberts
Milo Cemetery Rigby
North Camas Cemetery N of Camas
Rigby Cemetery Rigby
Roberts Cemetery Roberts
Shelton Cemetery Ririe

Jerome County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Eden Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 3 m S of Eden
Jerome Cemetery Jerome
Milner Dam Cemetery (four burials) Milner Dam

Kootenai County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Athol Cemetery (Mountain View Cemetery) Athol
Bill Moore grave Deception Ridge Rd., Coeur d'Alene National Forest
Coeur d'Alene Memorial Gardens (Restlawn Cemetery) N of Coeur d'Alene on Government Way
Dahlgren Family Cemetery on Gotham Bay Rd., W of Burma Rd.
Evergreen Cemetery (Post Falls Cemetery) Post Falls
Ft. Sherman Cemetery (Forest Cemetery) Coeur d'Alene
Ft. Sherman Post Cemetery (remains re-interred Ft. George Wright, Spokane, 1901)
Greenwood Cemetery Spirit Lake
Harrison Cemetery Harrison
Heneley Areodrome burials 16.5 m N of Coeur d'Alene, Hwy 95
Hope (Best Family) Cemetery 7th & Gilbert Ave, Coeur d'Alene
Ingar Molstead grave T50N, R3W, Sec 35
Johnson Family Cemetery 2.7 m S of Coeur d'Alene, Hwy 95
Kootenai County Cemetery Seltice Way, Coeur d'Alene
Lane Cemetery Lane
Loffs Bay Cemetery Kootenai County
Medimont Cemetery Medimont
Mission of the Sacred Heart Cemetery Cataldo, Exit 39, I-90 east of Couer d'Alene
Pine Grove Cemetery Rathdrum
Pleasant View Cemetery Post Falls
Ramsey Road Cemetery (Prairie View, 7th Day Adventist) Coeur d'Alene
Rimrock Cemetery (Garwood Cemetery) Garwood
River View Cemetery Coeur d'Alene
Rose Lake Cemetery Rose Lake
St. Michael's Cemetery (Worley Indian Cemetery) Worley
St. Thomas Cemetery E. Sherman Ave & 22nd St, Couer d'Alene
Worley Cemetery 1.3 m N of Worley grain elevators

Latah County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
American Ridge Cemetery N of Juliaetta on lower American Ridge Rd
Avon Cemetery SE of Avon
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery 5.6 m NE of Kendrick on Bear Ridge
Bethel Cemetery between Troy and Kendrick, mile post 7
Blaine Road Family Cemetery (two burials) Moscow
Bovill Cemetery W of Bovill
Buchanan Cemetery about 2 m S of Joel
Buelah Cemetery Troy
Burnt Ridge Cemetery E of Troy on Burnt Ridge Road
Cordelia Lutheran Churchyard Cemetery (four graves) about 2.5 m S of Joel
Dry Creek Cemetery between Troy and Deary
Elwood Cemetery SE of Deary on Texas Ridge Road
Fix Ridge Cemetery NE of Genesee
Freeze Cemetery 2.5 m N of Potlatch junction on Hwy 95
Genesee City Cemetery Genesee
Genesee Valley Lutheran Cemetery 4 m N of Genesee junction on Hwy 95
Gold Hill Cemetery about 11 m E of Kendrick off of Cedar Creek Road
Juliaetta Cemetery just N of Juliaetta
Little Bear Cemetery between Troy and Kendrick on Little Bear Ridge
Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery Moscow
Moose Creek Road Cemetery Bovill
Moscow Cemetery Moscow
Mtn View (incl. old burials from EA Breeding farm in Latah Co.) S of Farminton, Whitman Co., WA
Old Ross Family Cemetery (Yellow Rose Cemetery) Lenville district
Onaway Cemetery Onaway
Overacker Cemetery about 7 m E of Genesee
Park Cemetery about 8 m S of Helmer on Park Road
Pine Crest Cemetery Deary
Potlatch Cemetery Potlatch
Rock Creek Cemetery 3.2 m SE of Potlatch
Spencer Cemetery near Troy
St John's Lutheran Cemetery Genesee
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery Genesee
Thorncreek Cemetery abt 8 m S of Moscow on road to Uniontown, WA
Viola Cemetery Viola
Wild Rose Cemetery 7 m NE of Kendrick
Woodfell-Mendenhall Cemetery abt 5.5 m N of Harvard on Hwy 6
Zion Lutheran Cemetery Deary

Lemhi County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Banester Cemetery Leadore
Charles White grave T24N, R4E, Sec 3
Clarence Rowley grave T24N, R4E, Sec 3
Frank Hitley grave Hutton Gulch T25N, R2W, Sec 14
Ft. Lemhi Cemetery abt 8 m from Lemhi near Hwy 28
Gilmore Cemetery 1 m from Hwy 28
Hemminger grave Fall Creek, T25N, R9E, Sec 27
Henry Kurry grave Kurry Creek, T27N, R1W, Sec 28
Humes/ Churchill/ Burgman graves Richardson Creek, T25N, R10E, Sec 5
James A. & Raymond E. Parisot graves Bullion Mine, T25N, R4E, Sec 33
James Hemstock grave Sheep Creek, T25N, R5E, Sec 35
Jess Root grave Whitewater Ranch, T25N, R9E, Sec 1
Jim Jones grave W fork of Rapid River, T23N, R1W, Sec 26
Jim Moore grave Moore Bar, T25N, R9E, Sec 22
Joe Anderson grave Granite Creek
Lambeth Family Cemetery Iron Creek on Salmon River
Leesburg Cemetery Leesburg townsite
McRae Cemetery Leadore
Norman Wolf grave Campbells Ferry, T25N, R9E, Sec 22
Pratt grave Clark Forks Creek, T25N, R1W, Sec 31
Salmon Cemetery Salmon
Spring Mtn. Cemetery Gilmore
Thompson grave W fork of Rapid River, T23N, R1W, Sec 26
Yearian Cemetery Leadore

Lewis County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Central Ridge Cemetery T35N, R1E, Sec 15
Charlotte McDermont grave T32N, R3W, Sec 7
Cold Springs - Bailey Cemetery abt 3.5 m W of Ruebens, T34N, R2W, Sec 22
Craigmont I.O.O.F. Cemetery 1.5 m SW of Craigmont
Evergreen Cemetery Golden Ridge, abt 4 m NW of Winchester
Fletcher Cemetery abt .5 m NE of Fletcher townsite
Gilbert Cemetery (Russell Catholic Cemetery) Russell Ridge near Nez Perce
Harry Jewell grave 2 m N of Winchester T33N, R2W, Sec 17
Huckaby/ Risdon graves Forest townsite
Kamiah I.O.O.F. Cemetery Kamiah
Melinda S. Wilson grave just outside of the SW corner of Talmax
Morrow Town Cemetery S of Morrow townsite
Nezperce City Cemetery .5 m S of Nez Perce on Hwy 7
Old Forest Cemetery abt 2 m SE of Forest townsite T32N, R2W, Sec 7
Otelia & Charity Ladd graves T32N, R3W, Sec 7
Pine City Cemetery 2 m S of Ruebens on Ruebens Highway
Ruebens Cemetery W edge of Ruebens
Second Indian Presbyterian Church Cemetery Kamiah
Slickpoo Mission Cemetery T34N, R3W, Sec 4
Woodlawn Cemetery NW of Winchester

Lincoln County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Richfield Cemetery Richfield
Shoshone Cemetery Shoshone
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