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Idaho Cemetery listing for Elmore, Franklin, Fremont, Gem, Gooding and Idaho Counties

Information from the Idaho State Historical Society




Elmore County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Anderson Dam Cemetery (this may be the Pine Cemetery - no references)
Glenns Ferry Cemetery Glenns Ferry
Henry Dare grave left of road 6 m from Featherville toward Pine
King Hill Cemetery King Hill
Mayfield Cemetery Mayfield
Mountain View Cemetery Mountain Home
Pine Cemetery (relocated due to Anderson Ranch Dam) Pine
Prairie Cemetery Prairie
Rocky Bar Cemetery Rocky Bar
Wide West Cemetery about 6 m E of Rocky Bar towards Featherville

Franklin County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Cleveland Cemetery Cleveland
Clifton Cemetery Clifton
Dayton Cemetery Dayton
Fairview Cemetery between Lewiston and Preston
Franklin Cemetery Franklin
Mendenhall Cemetery Preston
Mink Creek Cemetery Mink Creek
Oxford Cemetery Oxford
Perry Ward Cemetery (formerly Mound Valley Ward) between Preston and Grace
Preston Cemetery Preston
Riverdale Cemetery Preston
Smart Cemetery Franklin
Stanrod Cemetery Stanrod
Stones Family Cemetery NE of Franklin
Thatcher Cemetery Thatcher
Treasurerton Cemetery Treasurton
Weston Cemetery Weston
Whitney Cemetery Whitney

Fremont County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Ashton Cemetery Ashton
Chester Cemetery Chester
Farnum Cemetery Farnum
Heise Cemetery
Henry's Lake Cemetery (Targhee Cemetery) (private) Henry's Lake
Parker Cemetery Parker
Riverside Cemetery St. Anthony
Squirrel Cemetery Squirrel
Wilford Cemetery Wilford, SE of St. Anthony

Gem County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Bertie Watson burial Clyde Yergeson farm, 1.5 m S of Sweet
Bramwell Cemetery 1 m W of Little Freezeout Rd near Letha
Floyd Reed grave Reed Ranch, Sweet
Lee & Virginia Garfield graves Garfield Ranch overlooking Payette River
Ola Cemetery Ola
Pearl Cemetery Pearl
Riverside Cemetery Emmett Cemetery (formerly Martinville Cemetery) Emmett - Cemetery moved to present location in 1903
Sweet Cemetery 2 m S of Sweet on Hwy 52, foot of Squaw Butte

Gooding County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Bliss family Cemetery 1 m S of Bliss on Bliss/Hagerman road
Elmwood Cemetery Gooding (contact: Bev, 934-8438)
Hagerman Cemetery Hagerman
Lower Clover Creek Cemetery Exit 137 I-80, 4 m W and then 4.5 m N
Lower Salmon Falls Cemetery 1 m W of Hagerman
Pioneer Cemetery Gooding
Salmon Tract Cemetery N end of Hagerman Valley, 1 m W of Hwy
Upper Clover Creek Cemetery
Wendell Cemetery Wendell

Idaho County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Battle Ridge Cemetery SE of Stites
Bear grave mouth of Center Ck.
Canfield Cemetery Doumecq Plains beside old Canfield School
Christina C. Sullivan grave between Kamiah & Kooskia, Hovey residence
Clearwater Cemetery 5 m S of Clearwater General Store
Conners & Sword graves mouth of Robins Ck on Salmon R.
Cottonwood Catholic Cemetery N edge of Cottonwood, N side of road
Cottonwood City Cemetery N edge of Cottonwood, S side of road
County Burial Plots 2 m from Grangeville on Hwy 13 towards Harpster
David Kirk grave upper Kirkwood Bar,Snake R. T26N, R1W, Sec 30
Denver Cemetery about 2 m N of Fenn
Dixie Cemetery Dixie
Ezzard Richardson grave Salmon River
Fairview Cemetery about 3 m NE of Grangeville
Ferdinand Cemetery Ferdinand
First Indian Presbyterian Church Cemetery Kamiah
Florence Cemetery near White Bird and Grangeville
Freedom Cemetery (Slate Creek Cemetery) Slate Creek
George Simon(d)s grave in the corral at Adams Camp T27N, R3E, Sec 23
Girton family Cemetery Camas Prairie, about 3 m from Grangeville
Greencreek Cemetery Greencreek, 6 m NE of Cottonwood
Harpster Cemetery Harpster
Jack Ranger grave 2 m below Boise Bar on Salmon R.
Jinkins grave near Harbison place on Big Mallard Ck
John Day Cemetery about 15 m N of Riggins
Joseph Plains Cemetery Joseph Plains, about 27 m SW of Cottonwood
Keuterville Cemetery Keuterville
Kooskia Cemetery (Pine Grove) (Spotted Pony) Kooskia
Meadowcreek Indian Presbyterian Church Cemetery near Ferdinand on Hwy62
Mike Olsen grave T41N, R11E, Sec 28, Lake Ck.
Mt. Idaho Cemetery (Masonic Lodge Cemetery) near Grangeville, old townsite of Mt. Idaho
Mt. Zion Cemetery E of Winona on Red Rock Road
Nancy Goodwin grave Pickle Point ridge above Harpster
Newsome Cemetery (six known burials) Newsome townsite
Oatman Indian Cemetery Kooskia
Poker Kelly grave N bank of Salmon R., 1 m above Kelly-Squaw Ck
Prairie View Cemetery Grangeville
Riggins Cemetery Riggins
Salmon River Memorial (Fosskett Memorial) 12 m S of Whitebird on US 95
Secech Meadows Cemetery Secech Meadows townsite, T22N, R5E, Sec. 10
South Fork grave sites South Fork Salmon River
Staford (father) grave McComas Meadows near Harpster
Staford (son) grave near old Pat Kincaid homestead cabin
Stites I.O.O.F. Cemetery Stites
Tahoe Ridge Cemetery (Mountain Rest Cemetery) near Kooskia
Warren Cemetery Warren
Whitebird Cemetery Whitebird
William Rhodes grave T38N, R13E, Sec 17, head of Silver Ck
Winona Cemetery just W of Winona townsite
Woodland Cemetery about 12 m N of Kamiah, Friends Church
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