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Idaho Cemetery listing for Bannock, Bear Lake, Benewah, Bingham, Blaine, Boise, Bonner, Bonneville, Boundary and Butte Counties

Information from the Idaho State Historical Society
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Bannock County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Arimo Cemetery Arimo
Byington Family Cemetery 5 miles South of Downey
Cambridge Cemetery 5 miles North of Downey
Capt. Jefferson Hunt Cemetery near Swan Lake
Downey Cemetery Downey
Grant Ward Cemetery 5 miles East of Downey
Harkness Cemetery McCammon
Inkom Cemetery 12 miles South of Pocatello
Lava Hot Springs Cemetery Lava Hot Springs
Marsh Center Cemetery 8 miles NW of Downey
Mound Valley Cemetery Mound Valley
Mountain View Cemetery Pocatello
Mt. Moriah Cemetery (partial) Pocatello
Norton Cemetery McCammon
Red Rock Pass Cemetery South of Downey
Restlawn Memorial Gardens 2864 S. 5th Ave., Pocatello
Robin Cemetery Robin
Swan Lake Cemetery Swan Lake
Turner Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery 5 miles West of Downey

Bear Lake County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Bennington Cemetery Bennington
Bern Cemetery Bern
Bloomington Cemetery Bloomington
Chugg Cemetery Nounan
Dingle Cemetery Dingle
Fish Haven Cemetery Fish Haven
Geneva Cemetery Geneva
Georgetown Cemetery Georgetown
Lanark Cemetery Lanark
Liberty Cemetery Liberty
Montpelier Cemetery Montpelier
Nounan Cemetery Nounan
Ovid Cemetery Ovid
Paris Cemetery Paris
Pegram Cemetery no records
Raymond Cemetery Raymond
Sharon Cemetery Sharon
St. Charles Cemetery St. Charles
Wardboro Cemetery Wardboro

Benewah County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Desmet Cemetery Desmet Mission
Emida Cemetery Emida
Evergreen Cemetery Plummer
Freeze Cemetery 8 miles North of Potlatch, Freeze Church
Old Sanders Cemetery about 2 miles S.E. of Sanders
Sacred Heart Cemetery Tensed
Sanders Cemetery Methodist Conference Camp, Sanders
Santa Cemetery (Riverside Cemetery) 2 miles out of Santa on road to Fernwood
St. Joe Mission Cemetery 7.5 miles North of St. Maries on Hwy 3
Woodland Cemetery St. Maries

Bingham County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Aberdeen Cemetery Aberdeen
Firth Cemetery Firth
Groveland Cemetery 5 miles NW of Blackfoot
Homestead Cemetery Aberdeen
Just Cemetery Presto, Just homestead
Pleasant Valley Cemetery North Pleasant Valley Road
Riverside-Thomas Cemetery Riverside, 5 miles NW of Blackfoot
Shelly Cemetery Shelly
Springfield-Sterling Cemetery Springfield

Blaine County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Carey Cemetery Carey
City Cemetery Hailey
County Cemetery Hailey
Galena Cemetery between Hwy turnoff & Galena store (3 graves)
Ketchum Cemetery Ketchum
Lakeview Cemetery Carey
Little Wood River Cemetery Carey
Masonic Cemetery Hailey
New City Cemetery Bellevue
Picabo Cemetery Picabo
Pioneer Cemetery Hailey
Timmerman Hill Cemetery Hailey
Ward Family Cemetery NW of Fish Creek Reservoir (5 graves)

Boise County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Brownlee Cemetery 6 m. West of Gardena across the river
Casner Family Cemetery near Thorn Ck. West of Hwy 21
Catholic Cemetery Centerville (most markers are gone)
Garden Valley Cemetery Garden Valley
Gardner Cemetery on Clear Creek
Getty's Cemetery on Robie Creek 3 m. above Hwy 21
Grimes Pass Summit graves Grimes summit (grave of Geo. Grimes & some unmarked graves)
Idaho City Cemetery Idaho City
Odd Fellows Cemetery Centerville (most markers are gone)
Old Centerville Cemetery Old Centerville
Pioneer Cemetery Horseshoe Bend (site of the old Poor Farm)
Pioneerville Cemetery Pioneerville
Placerville Cemetery Placerville

Bonner County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Birdie Harrold burial near Nordman
Blanchard Cemetery Blanchard
Boyer Cemetery (Kootenai) 3.9 miles East of Hwy95/Hwy 200 junction on Hwy 200
Cabinet Cemetery 6.9 miles East from iron bridge out of Clark Fork, South of river
Charles Frazier burial Grouse Ck School
Clara Cemetery North of Lakeview on Forest Service Road 278
Clark Fork Cemetery Clark Fork
Colburn Cemetery Colburn
Denton Cemetery East of Hwy 200, West of MP53, above Denton Slough
Evergreen Cemetery Priest River
Fred Clark burial forest grave overlooking the Pack River
Gamlin Lake Cemetery (Newman) (Broten) 9 miles East of Sagle
Hope Cemetery Hope
Lakeview Cemetery Sandpoint
Old Hope Cemetery (Chinese Cemetery) W edge of Hope
Owens Family Cemetery Owens Bay, Pond Oreille Lake
Pack River Cemetery 3.5 miles North of Hwy 200 on Colburn-Culver road
Pinecrest Cemetery Sandpoint
Roscoe Prather burial near Oden Bay, Pond Oreille Lake
Seneacquoteen Cemetery 9.1 miles West of Hwy 95 on Dufort road
Tarr Farm burials 1 mile North of Selle on the Tarr farm
Westmond Cemetery (Cocolalla) .5 miles North of Westmond store, Hwy 95
Whispering Pines Cemetery (Morton) (Dawson) 7.8 miles West of Hwy 95 on Lakeshore Drive
Wm. Stevenson burial homestead on Grouse Ck

Bonneville County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Ammon Cemetery 2 miles East of Ammon
Antelope Cemetery (Upper and Lower) Swan Valley, East of Idaho Falls
Bone Cemetery (Ozone Cemetery) Bone, Southeast of Idaho Falls
Burton Cemetery Swan Valley, East of Idaho Falls
Fielding Memorial Park Cemetery 2 miles South of Idaho Falls on Hwy 91
Iona Cemetery Iona
Irwin, Palisade & Long Spring Cemetery Swan Valley, East of Idaho Falls
Lincoln Cemetery 2500 E. Lincoln Rd., Idaho Falls
Milo Cemetery Hwy 26 between Iona and Ririe
New Sweden Cemetery West of Idaho Falls near old school in New Sweden
Riverview Cemetery West of Idaho Falls in New Sweden
Rose Hill Cemetery West 21st Street, Idaho Falls
Swan Valley Cemetery Foot of Mt. Baldy
Taylor Cemetery at foothills in Taylor, South of Idaho Falls
Ucon Memorial Park Cemetery 3960 E 105th N, Ucon, North of Idaho Falls
Weeks Cemetery Swan Valley, East of Idaho Falls

Boundary County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Atkins Family Cemetery Bonner's Ferry Southeast of town
Ball Family Cemetery about 8 miles NW of Bonners Ferry
Copeland Cemetery 2.3 miles North on Hwy 1 towards Porthill from Hwy 95
Crossport Chinese Cemetery Near Bonners Ferry (no records available)
Gabriel Hooker grave Sheridan School
Grandview Cemetery Bonner's Ferry
Leonia Cemetery (Boulder Creek Cemetery) Boulder Creek
McArthur Cemetery 1.7 miles North of county line East of Hwy 95
Mennonite Cemetery 3.5 miles North of Bonners Ferry on Hwy 95
Moravia Cemetery Moravia
Paradise Valley Cemetery 4 miles East of Bonners Ferry
Parker Family Cemetery Cow Creek
Porthill & Catholic Cemeteries Porthill
Smith Creek Grave
St. Michael's Indian Cemetery Mission Hill, Bonners Ferry

Butte County Cemeteries

Cemetery Location
Hillcrest Cemetery Arco
Howe Cemetery Howe
Lost River Cemetery
Pioneer Cemetery Moore
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